Dodie did an outstanding job for us as seniors. She trained our St. Bernard puppy, Izzy, to fit our slower-paced lifestyle, including teaching her not to push, pull, or hinder our movements. She matched our needs with ways to play and train an energetic, extra-large puppy!!!

John and Paula D.

Dodie of Pawesome Pet Services is amazing. She TRULY cares about you and your dog and is dedicated to your pup’s success. She is innovative and has great insight into your dog’s needs.

Her communication is impeccable! And I can’t say enough good things about this service. I highly recommend!!!!


After working with a trainer who emphasized using shock collars, our young dog was withdrawn and fearful. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to win back his trust. We were fortunate to find Dodie who was working with our neighbor’s dogs and hired her to help. We repaired the damage, and he excelled with positive reinforcement. Dodie, we thank you for being in the right place at the right time and for helping us.

Emily R.

She is an amazing trainer and my dog is now the dog of my dreams! I can go out to public places and he is well-behaved! You will not find anyone more dedicated to your pet’s success than her.

Mary W.

Very good trainer. She gave us the ability to take care of our dog’s needs without having to use the prong collars for her. We like her communication and ideas. She even got our dog to stop chewing things when we leave just by showing us a new way to relax our dog on walks. Highly recommended.

Kirk and Diane H.

Dodie made great progress with our rescued dog who had a lot of fear issues. Harper’s fears and insecurities faded as Dodie led us through the training. We learned so much and value everything she did. We tell all of our friends about her and her services.

Carolyn S.

We didn’t know if we would be able to keep our dog once adolescence hit. His behavior was unpredictable and dangerous because of my limited mobility. We found Dodie through a friend and began working with her. Teddy responded well to decompression walks and enrichment. Training became easier, and we are happy to say he is here to stay. She alleviated our worries with actual progress. Five stars for sure!

Erin J.


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