Training Options

Discounts for Seniors, Students, and Rescue Dogs

Maximum Discount 20%

A Note on Our Services

I offer single-session services and schedule follow-up sessions as needed during our training sessions. This approach provides flexibility in payment and accommodates the unique number of sessions each case may require. My commitment to your progress ensures that I meet the specific needs of each client effectively.

All options include comprehensive between-session support. This essential feature enables us to extend our conversations beyond the training sessions, allowing for continuous monitoring of progress, fine-tuning of training or behavior plans, ongoing assistance, celebration of achievements, and troubleshooting of any issues that may arise.

Aggressive Pal

Empowering Pet Guardians with Expert Guidance and Lasting Solutions

Distressed pet guardians grappling with the complexities of aggressive pets discover a sanctuary at Pawesome Pet Services, where they not only receive invaluable insights and proven strategies for managing their pets’ behavior but also benefit from tailored training techniques and defensive handling skills. With continuous support provided between sessions, the program ensures unwavering assistance throughout. The journey begins with a complimentary discovery call, offering a glimpse into our services while facilitating vital information gathering. Subsequently, a comprehensive 90-minute consultation fosters in-depth discussion to align your goals seamlessly with our services before embarking on the training program.

Panicked Pet

Finding Calm and Confidence

Committed pet guardians facing the challenges of their sensitive pets can find support through Pawesome Pet Services. With a focus on addressing pet anxieties and fears, the program aims to help guardians break free from feeling trapped by their pet’s needs. Through specialized assistance and comprehensive packages including between-session support, Pawesome Pet Services empowers guardians to help their pets overcome struggles and create a more harmonious life. Interested parties can schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore available options for positive change.

Composure Outdoors

Transforming Outdoor Strolls into Enjoyable Adventures

Composure Outdoors addresses the challenges faced by busy pet guardians when enjoying outdoor activities with their furry companions. The program aims to turn disappointments into achievements by providing effective training to tackle issues like leash pulling, wandering, and losing focus. With a focus on incident-free walks and harmonious outdoor adventures, Composure Outdoors offers between-session support to guide pet owners every step of the way. Interested individuals can schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss their concerns and explore how the program can help create enjoyable outdoor experiences with their pets.

Cool Cat

Navigating Feline Behaviors for a Purrsistent Harmony

Cool Cat assists careful cat guardians in addressing common troublesome behaviors encountered with feline companions. The program specializes in tackling issues like biting, door dashing, excessive vocalization, and fearfulness through effective training, aiming for a harmonious life for both guardians and cats. With comprehensive support, including between-session assistance, Cool Cat guides guardians every step of the way towards a thriving partnership with their feline companions. Interested individuals can schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore how the program can help create a positive and lasting impact on their relationship with their cat.

Silver Snouts

Guiding Your Furry Friends Through Their Golden Years

For loyal pet guardians, witnessing the aging process in their furry companions can be a poignant and challenging experience. Silver Snouts understands the difficulty of seeing once exuberant pets slow down and lose interest in activities they once loved. As pets grow older, walks may become shorter, naps longer, and the dynamic between guardians and their furry sidekicks may shift. Silver Snouts is here to empower owners to navigate the changes that come with their pets’ golden years. Our program provides a tailored approach to senior pet care. Through sensory activities, low-stress handling, and functional skills, we work together to ensure your silver-snouted friend continues to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

Adaptable for Pets with Disabilities as Well

Pawesome Comprehensive Training

(Corvallis Area Only)

For busy pet guardians seeking rapid behavior change or skill acquisition, repetition is key. This comprehensive training plan involves direct engagement with your dog, where the trainer take the lead in achieving your training objectives. During sessions lasting 30 to 60 minutes, two to three times weekly, we handle the bulk of the training work. Then, we equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain and reinforce the learned behaviors. This approach ensures a solid foundation is established with your dog, with ongoing support to maintain progress and consistency in training.

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