My Pets


Egypt is an American Bobtail mix who came into my life with aggression issues. Using positive reinforcement training, I was able to help her build confidence and was able to leash train her. Even with enrichment and training, Egypt continued to struggle until we met our holistic vet who was able to help her overcome her issues with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Egypt enjoys playing with her dog “sisters,” being brushed, learning tricks and cues, doing food puzzles, and hiking when the weather is nice.


Luna is a mixed-breed rescue who came to us blind in one eye; she eventually had to have the eye removed. Luna is a fun-loving girl who enjoys being around people. She has struggled with leash reactivity to other dogs and separation anxiety. Both have dramatically improved with enrichment, training, and TCM. Luna had bilateral knee surgery two years ago and excelled at physical therapy because of her training skills. Luna loves decompression walks, running , parkour, puzzle toys, and learning new tricks


Leda is a mixed-breed dog who came to us at four weeks old because her mother was ill and could no longer nurse. She loves exploring and sniffing and can usually be found with her nose to the ground. Leda struggled with allergies early in life which made socialization hard because of her itchy skin. As an adolescent, Leda struggled with obsessive behaviors, such as running between windows to find things to bark at and required a lot of decompression and mental enrichment to keep her mind busy. Leda loves playing with toys, decompressing in the forest, parkour, and learning new tricks and cues.