Online & Local Services

Initial Consultation (1.5 Hours)

Session Goals:

  • Discuss your pet’s history, routine, genetics, and environment
  • Talk about problematic behaviors
  • Implement humane management strategies, when possible, to provide immediate help
  • Determine the functions of behaviors, particularly behaviors that seem problematic
  • Understand your pet’s needs as an individual and based on their species, breed, and self
  • Teach and practice new skill(s) to start the training journey
  • Receive a mediation plan through email

Investment: $185*

Follow-Up Sessions

  • Single (1 Hour) Session $150*
  • Package of 3 (1 Hour) Sessions $395*
  • Package of 6 (1 Hour) Sessions $735*


  • Email/Text Support Between Sessions
  • Video Evaluation Between Sessions

*Travel Fees May Apply