My Philosophy

When we bring a pet home, we’re hoping and expecting the best. We may anticipate training and behavioral issues, but they’re often not in the front of our minds. I know I certainly didn’t expect that challenges that came with my own pets, a cat who would attack with the least provocation, a dog who was reactive to other dogs to the point of barking and lunging at the end of her leash, and a dog who struggled with pain in her front feet and needed a lot of training to wear wrist wraps and have her nails trimmed. Through these instances as well with issues with my past pets, my passion for coaching humans on how to help their pets grew.

We, as pet owners, are our pets’ biggest advocates. We know them much better than anyone else ever will, and by coaching my clients, I am able to take that knowledge and empower pet owners. Together, we’ll work on deciphering body language, look at the function of behaviors, and figure out how to reinforce new behaviors in a way that leaves you and your pet feeling good about the progress.  

My goal is to meet the pet owner where they are at. Some clients may have experience with positive reinforcement training while others may not. This won’t stop us. Clients will quickly learn how and when to reinforce behavior, and pets become very excited to work for rewards, which can include food, toys, affection, etc.

If you’re excited to learn more about making your pet a pawesome pet, contact me today.

Attn: My pets wear Garmin Astro GPS collars (no shock). See Article


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