Composure Outdoors

Composure Outdoors

For busy, devoted pet guardians, the dream of enjoying the outdoors with their furry family members can sometimes turn into unexpected challenges. The excitement of bringing a new pet home may become disappointing when issues like pulling on the leash, losing focus, wandering off, and ignoring recalls arise.

Turn Disappointments into Achievements

Pawesome Pet Services understands the concerns and frustrations that can come with these issues. We are here to help pets acquire the skills needed for incident-free walks, making the dream of harmonious outdoor adventures a reality.

Addressing Common Concerns: Pulling, Wandering, and More

Issues such as pulling on the leash, losing focus, or wandering off can not only be disappointing but also embarrassing and potentially dangerous. Composure Outdoors addresses these concerns head-on, providing effective training to ensure your pet becomes a well-behaved companion outdoors.

Guidance Every Step of the Way: Between-Session Support

Our commitment to your journey extends beyond training sessions. With Composure Outdoors, you’ll receive valuable between-session support, offering guidance and assistance when you need it. Celebrate progress, troubleshoot challenges, and ensure lasting success.

Take the First Step

Our process begins with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call, giving you insight into our services while allowing us to gather essential information about your needs. If necessary, we’ll proceed to a 45-minute consultation for a deeper discussion. This approach ensures clear communication and alignment between both parties before advancing with the training program.

In-Person Sessions

45-Minute Consultation

One-Hour Session
Includes Between-Session Support*

Virtual Sessions

45-Minute Consultation

45-Minute Session
Includes Between-Session Support*

*Responses on Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m