Coaching Packages

Online and In-Person Meetings Available

Training a pet can be a lonely process, especially if your pet has problematic behavior. I’ve been there with my own pets and understand how difficult this can be. I help pet guardians enrich their pets’ lives and work on training suitable behaviors with my Pawesome Pet Packages and assist pet guardians with outdoor/public skills for their dogs with my Pawesoming About Package.

All packages include email and/or text message coaching support which allows you to ask questions as they arise, send videos for evaluation, discuss challenging situations, check in about your progress, and get the accountability you may need on your journey.

Changing or teaching behavior is not a straightforward process. Numerous variables can arise for both the human and pet. For this reason, I offer my services as packages so that we can create lasting behavior changes. My services are offered in your home or a space where you would like to see behavior change, like a park or pet-friendly store, so that your pet gets more comfortable practicing behaviors in a place that matters to you and them.

My goal is to empower pet guardians with the knowledge and skills they need to communicate better with their pet so that pet guardians and their pets can thrive.

All Prices Include Between-Session Coaching Support

Ask about our discounts for puppies/kittens and newly adopted pets

Pawesome Pet 101 (four one-hour sessions) $689*

Sessions are tailored to your and your pet’s needs and may include:

  • essential skills (sit, down, stand, stationing, leave it, etc.)
  • socialization (how, what, where, etc.)
  • common behavior issues (mouthiness, jumping, etc.)
  • house training
  • enrichment for your pet (toys, games, etc.)
  • behavior modification

Pawesome Pet 102 (six one-hour sessions) $989*

Sessions are tailored to your and your pet’s needs and may include:

  • advanced skills (loose-leash walking, recall, etc.)
  • relaxation and calming behaviors
  • continued socialization
  • greeting others (dogs and people)
  • enrichment for your pet
  • off-leash skills
  • trick training
  • behavior modification

Pawesoming About (six one-hour sessions) $889*

This is a pick-up/drop-off package. Sessions are tailored to your and your pet’s needs and may include:

  • desensitization to environmental triggers
  • counter-conditioning
  • stationing behaviors for outside dining
  • decompression to relieve stress
  • trail manners
  • off-leash skills

Have Questions? Reach out for a free 15-minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your goals and our program options.

*Travel Fees May Apply