Garmin Astro GPS Collars

Garmin Astro GPS collars are an important part of our walks.

Decompression Walks

Decompression walks may be the answer you’re looking for.

Sniffing on Walks

Sniffing is very important to our pets.

Harnesses VS Collars

Harnesses can save our pets necks and soft tissue from permanent damage.

The Dog in Front of You

Let’s support our dogs even when they don’t meet our expectations.

Decompression and Enrichment Series Part 1

Join me as we look at decompression and enrichment as ways to improve our pets’ lives.

Protecting Our Pets on Excursions

Let’s protect our pets when we take them out.

Enrichment for Cats and Other Pets

Enrichment is for all pets.

Why a Muzzle? Why Not?

Muzzles aren’t just for aggressive dogs. Why muzzles are important.

What Is Reinforcement: Ask Your Pet

What is reinforcement? What does my pet like?

Does Your Pet Have Agency? Creating Agency for Our Pets

Agency is the ability to make a choice in an environment. Does your pet have agency?

When We Think Our Pets Know Better: Generalizing Training

The importance of teaching your dog to behave in varying environments, and why they don’t “just do it”.


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