Aggressive Pals

Aggressive Pals

Distressed pet guardians often worry about the future with their aggressive pets. Managing an aggressive pet can be overwhelming, causing embarrassment, worry, and even fear. The pet’s behavior may lead to isolation and extensive stress for both the guardian and the pet.

Empower Yourself

At Pawesome Pet Services, we understand the unique challenges you face. We provide pet owners with:

  • Understanding: Gain insights into your pet’s behavior to build a stronger connection.
  • Management Skills/Advice: Learn effective strategies to manage and control aggressive behavior.
  • Training Skills/Exercises: Discover positive training techniques tailored to your pet’s needs.
  • Defensive Handling Skills: Acquire skills to handle your pet safely in various situations.
  • Functional Emergency Exercises: Be prepared to handle emergency situations confidently.

Ongoing Support for Lasting Results

Our commitment doesn’t end with training sessions. Pawesome Pet Services offers between-session support, ensuring you receive assistance throughout the entire program. Celebrate progress, troubleshoot issues, and receive guidance when you need it.

Take the First Step

Our process begins with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call, giving you insight into our services while allowing us to gather essential information about your needs. We will proceed to a 90-minute consultation for a deeper discussion. This approach ensures clear communication and alignment between both parties before advancing with the training program.

In-Person Sessions

90-Minute Consultation

One-Hour Session
Includes Between-Session Support*

Virtual Sessions

90-Minute Consultation

45-Minute Session
Includes Between-Session Support*

*Responses on Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.